Information missions

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Information missions of the High Council for the Judiciary

Article 20 of the Organic Law of 5 February 1994 provides that "each section of the High Council for the Judiciary may entrust one or more of its members with information missions to the Cassation court, the courts of appeal, the courts of first instance and the National School for the Judiciary". In practice, the two formations exercise this competence jointly, insofar as they intend to underline the unity of the Council, which reflects itself the unity of the judiciary. The missions are organised in the form of visits by delegations of Council members to courts, in sessions lasting two to three days. Each term of office endeavours to visit all the courts of appeal during its four-year term. In 2015, the High Council for the Judiciary visited eight courts of appeal and fifty-three high courts. It also visited the National School for the Judiciary. During these visits, 99 magistrates (judges and prosecutors) were given individual interviews to evoke their personal situation with the members of the Council.

Information missions are an ideal way for the Council to meet magistrates in their working environment and to gain a practical understanding of the difficulties they face. They also enable it to provide information on the conditions under which it exercises its own prerogatives, the policy it implements and the findings it makes, particularly in its appointment activity.

mission dans le ressort de la cour d'appel de Rennes

The Council has no wish to carry out what could be construed as an inspection of the courts it visits. It acts, within the limits of its remit, to gain a better understanding of the needs of the courts of appeal and courts of first instance, those of the magistrates (judges and prosecutors) and civil servants, their expectations and the constraints they face.

Meetings with heads of courts, the general assembly of magistrates, directors of court registries, presidents of bar associations and representatives of professional organisations of civil servants and magistrates provide an overall view of the court concerned.

Among the issues of current concern, there is a constant recurrence of those relating to vacancies, the duration of these vacancies, the uncertain prospects for improvement and the direct consequence of this, i.e. the determination of priorities made necessary by understaffing.

As the focus is generally on handling criminal and family cases, the fate of the courts' other civil responsibilities, especially at the level of the courts of first instance, is a source of dissatisfaction and frustration, not only for the litigants directly concerned, but also for the departments that are affected by it.

Individual meetings with magistrates who have requested an interview seem to be very useful. Actually, by drawing attention to specific situations and the difficulty of reconciling professional and personal life, they help to inform the Council.

In this respect, heads of court frequently mention two pitfalls:

  • the frequent mobility of young magistrates in a number of courts, which hinders continuity in the implementation of court projects;
  • and the opposite, the fact that too many magistrates have been in the same position for too long in the same court, which is sometimes seen as an obstacle to internal reforms.

However, the Council has noted, particularly through individual interviews, that many magistrates, aware of the latter risk and keen to broaden their experience despite their personal constraints, seek to compensate for their lack of geographical mobility through functional mobility.

Programme of an information mission

deroulé d'une mission

The missions are organised in such a way that the Council can meet all the players involved in the life of the court. After an initial meeting with the heads of the courts of appeals or of the courts of first instance and with the head of the registrar to present the jurisdiction and its specific features, the members of the delegation meet with the magistrates at the general assembly. This meeting is an opportunity to present the Council's missions and answer questions about its work. It is a forum for often very rich discussions that give a better idea of the climate in the court or tribunal concerned. 

The trade unions, both magistrates and civil servants, are received collectively. The Council also meets the president of the bar in order to discuss the specific characteristics of the local bar and its relationship with the court.

Time is set aside to visit the premises.

The Council always makes sure that it meets with all judges who request it to discuss their situation in individual meetings. At the end of the mission, a report is drawn up, which enables members who were unable to participate, to receive information on the observations made.

Each mission is reported on the Twitter account of the Council.


Tableau des Missions pour la mandature 2019 - 2023






Cour d’appel de Rennes



26 au 28 mars 2019

TGI Rennes, TGI Brest, TGI Vannes, TGI Saint Brieuc, TGI Saint Malo, TGI Nantes, TGI Saint Nazaire, TGI Lorient

43 entretiens

Cour d’appel d’Agen


17 au 18 septembre 2019

TGI d’Agen ; TGI Auch ; TGI Cahors

9 entretiens

Cour d’appel de Riom


17 au 18 septembre 2019

TGI de Riom ; TGI Cusset ; TGI Montuçon ; TGI Moulin ; TGI Aurillac ; TGI Clermont-Ferrand ; TGI Puy-en-Velay

6 entretiens

Cour d’appel de Nîmes


17 au 19 septembre 2019

TGI Nîmes, TGI Privas, TGI Carpentras, TGI Avignon, TGI Alès, TGI Mende

12 entretiens

Cour d’appel d’Amiens


1er au 3 octobre 2019

TGI Amiens ; TGI Beauvais ; TGI Soissons ; TGI Compiègne ; TGI Senlis ; TGI Laon ; TGI Saint-Quentin

17 entretiens

Cour d’appel de Nancy


1er au 3 octobre 2019

TGI de Nancy ; TGI Epinal ; TGI Briey ; TGI Verdun ; TGI Bar-le-Duc

5 entretiens

Cour d’appel de Douai

10 TGI

19 au 21 novembre 2019

TGI Douai ; TGI Cambrai ; TGI Valenciennes ; TGI d’Avesnes sur Helpes ; TGI Lille ; TGI d’Arras ; TGI Béthune ; TGI Saint-Omer ; TGI Boulogne sur Mer ; TGI Dunkerque

36 entretiens

Cour d’appel d’Angers


10 au 11 décembre 2019

TGI Angers, TGI Saumur, TGI Laval, TGI du Mans

11 entretiens

Cour d’appel de Limoges


10 au 11 décembre 2019

TGI de Limoges, TGI Guéret, TGI Tulle ; TGI Brive la Gaillarde

14 entretiens

Cour d’appel d’Aix en Provence

8 TJ

11 au 13 février 2020

TJ d’Aix-en Provence ; TJ Draguignan ; TJ Grasse ; TJ Nice ; TJ Toulon ; TJ Marseille ; TJ Tarascon ; TJ Digne-les-Bains


46 entretiens

Cour d'appel de Rouen

4 TJ

29 septembre au 1er octobre 2020 TJ Rouen, TJ Dieppe, TJ Le Havre, TJ Evreux 17 entretiens

Cour d'appel de Bastia

2 TJ

29 septembre au 1er octobre 2020 TJ Bastia, TJ Ajaccio 14 entretiens

Cour d'appel de Chambéry

5 TJ

29 au 30 septembre 2020 TJ Chambéry, TJ Albertville, TJ Annecy, TJ Bonneville, TJ Thonon les Bains 15 entretiens

Cour d'appel de Lyon

5 TJ

 2 au 4 février 2021 TJ Lyon, TJ Bourg en Bresse, TJ Saint Etienne, TJ Roanne, TJ Villefrance sur Saône 23 entretiens

Cour d'appel de Dijon

4 TJ

2 au 4 février 2021 TJ Chalon sur Sâone, TJ Chaumont, TJ Dijon, TJ Mâcon 8 entretiens

Cour d'appel de Metz

3 TJ

2 au 4 février 2021 TJ Metz, TJ Sarreguemines, TJ Thionville 5 entretiens

Cour d'appel de Versailles

4 TJ

2 au 4 mars 2021 TJ Nanterre, TJ Pontoise, TJ Versailles, TJ Chartres 24 entretiens

Cour d'appel de Poitiers

6 TJ

2 au 4 mars 2021 TJ Poitiers, TJ La Rochelle, TJ La Roche sur Yon, TJ Les Sables d'Olonne, TJ Niort, TJ Saintes 14 entretiens

Cour d'appel de Pau

5 TJ

2 au 4 mars 2021 TJ Pau, TJ Bayonne, TJ Dax, TJ Mont de Marsan, TJ Tarbes 15 entretiens

Cour d'appel de Colmar

4 TJ

8 au 10 juin 2021 TJ Colmar, TJ Mulhouse, TJ Saverne, TJ Strasbroug  

Cour d'appel de Bourges

3 TJ

8 au 10 juin 2021 TJ Bourges, TJ Châteauroux, TJ Nevers  

Cour d'appel d'Orléans

4 TJ

8 au 10 juin 2021 TJ Blois, TJ Montargis, TJ Orléans, TJ Tours  

Cour d'appel de Bordeaux

5 TJ

8 au 10 juin 2021 TJ Bordeaux, TJ Libourne, TJ Angoulême, TJ Bergerac, TJ Périgueux  
ENM 10 juin 2021 ENM Paris Bordeaux